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These are just a few of our previous guests over the years
"The Wyleaner Show “Where the Rubber Meets the Road” is an absolutely delightful radio show to be a guest on and more importantly to
listen to while you expand your vision of our world! Ms. Wyleaner allows her guests to voice their religious and secular opinions while she
holds them accountable to her audience. This most informative show, while being watched and followed all over the world, will provide you
the information you need to make the life choices that will bring you to a place of peace. Your success in life is always dependent on your
expanded views of our vast world. Through following, listening to and joining in with Ms. Wyleaner’s – WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE
ROAD fascinating radio show you will expand your views of our world and place yourself on a road toward proven success!"
Author – Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire

Mary Ellen Ciganovich (Chattanooga Tennessee)
"Good Morning-Sister Wy,
I must tell you how much I look forward to spending an hour with you by radio, each Saturday afternoon. Your subjects are compelling, and
some how, you always find just the right guests to keep us glued to our spot, anxiously awaiting their next comment. Most of all you are a
great host, full of love and joy. May GOD richly bless all you put your hands to do."

On stage for HIS Glory Miss HenriFayeLou. - (Las Vegas, Nevada)
“The Wyleaner Show and guests prove once again that there is no one on earth like JESUS! Thanks for letting me talk
about the “red ink” in the Scriptures – sharing the doctrines and advice of Jesus Christ on your show!”

Don C Harris, Think Red Ink Ministries - (Pie Town, New Mexico)

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"Praise the Lord everbody, I bring you greetings form the "PCAF-SEDC" Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith. Blessings to all. I
would like to share my testimony with you all on the experiences I've had on the Wyleaner Show, it has been a blessing to me, to be
able to share the gospel of God around the world. Sister Wyleaner is definitely a great host and she's very passionate at what she
does. I hope that I have encouraged someone to trust and believe in God."

Minister Marchello Stewart - (Houston Texas)
"From the desk of pastor Joseph O Sayles Sr. - Abundant Grace Ministries.
My dear sister Wyleaner, I must first say, that it was truly a pleasure, every time I appeared on your show over the years. I have met
some wonderful people, had my thoughts challenged, and my views expanded, all thanks to you letting the Rubber Meet The Road, as
only you can. I enjoy the position that you occupy, and the role that you play, in getting us to open up our minds, and consider other
peoples points of view. I feel that many can leave enlightened after listening to your show, and if they are open, they might even grow a
little. I know I did. So, once again, thanks for being you, and letting the Lord use you as you do, and may you have many more thought
provoking, challenging, and even controversial shows. But hey . . . What else is to be expected," "When The Rubber Meets The Road!"

In His Service,
Pastor Joseph O Sayles Sr (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Just a few words that WELCOMED me as I entered the studio "Where The Rubber Meets The Road". Wyleaner, is no stranger to me. We have
staged together many times and She Never cease to amaze me with her Style of finesse. I Love the spirit that she caries and the way she
caries it. Thank you Wyleaner for being an Icon for any up and coming Radio personality, TV host or Recording Artist... You Are AMAZING!!!!
You Beloved Wyleaner are Loved and Appreciated... Please have me back! Much Love" Pastor Henry Black aka H.B. (Las Vegas, Nevada)
"Dear Ms Wyleaner,
I found your show very professional and a pleasure to be on and to meet you.
You and your staff went to great lengths to insure the show would be successful.
For an author who self publishes their book like I have. Your show is of great help.
I would appreciate being invited and speak to you again personally."

Truly yours Gabriella Kovac (Sydney, Australia)

"Sister Wyleaner is one of the God's very creative daughters. She loves the Lord and
proves it by her sacrificial services and continuous efforts to stay in-touch with the others in Jesus' name. Her T.V. program appeals to
a significant segment of the community with "Bible based" questions that are answered in a lively manner. A religious program with
serious purpose-that's something worth trying if you haven't already!"

C.B. Rock (Las Vegas, Nevada)
"I'm a Christian author. How could I pass up an opportunity to witness to people in twelve cities in Pakistan that the
Wyleaner show has access to? No one else offers that!"
--Merle Temple, Author--A Ghostly Shade of Pale, A Rented World, and The Redeemed.

Merle Temple (Tupelo Mississippi)
"I very much appreciate Ms. Wyleaner’s efforts to open up listener’s minds to a broader view of religion and spirituality - AND that
she manages to make it fun at the same time! I greatly enjoyed speaking with Don C. Harris on the October 10, 2015 show.
Presenting people with opportunities for critical reflection on their beliefs may upset the apple cart for a little bit, but in the long
run will allow them to grow.
Thanks so much,"

Margaret Placentra Johnston ( Northern Virginia)
"Being on the show was not only fun but informative. I enjoyed the deep conversations and philosophical takes on what it means
to have a true relationship with God. Wyleaner is easy to talk to and she approaches every topic with an open heart, ready and
willing to grow in the process. I was honored to have taken part in contributing to this thought-provoking show."

Toni Ellis (Las Vegas, Nevada)
"Hello to my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus (MESSIAH YAHSHUA) who are part of HIS body. For those of us who have accepted the free gift
of salvation, the pardon from sin that came at such an unfathomable price. For those of us who have been washed by HIS BLOOD and know
that we sit with HIM in heavenly places. My most heartfelt greetings to you! Wow, a testimonial! Where to begin? In 1989, at the age of 23, The
LORD led me to Himself in a grand and undeniable fashion. And I was baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist Church through an evangelistic
effort led by an Oscar Lane and I haven't looked back since. Now, I'm not telling you that I haven't had challenges, the great majority of which
were self inflicted, as I have been disobedient and rebellious on far too many occasions that I would even care to get into or share. But what I
have always found is that YAHWEH(GOD) THE GOD OF ISRAEL is, in spite of our unfaithfulness, a covenant keeping GOD! HIS grace and
continued mercies cannot be described by tongue or written on paper but is known by all who have ever received it! It has been a tremendous
blessing to appear each time on the Wyleaner show. From the 1st time, in which I was a complete nervous wreck, to the last appearance, as
the 1st of many guests, as part of the Don Harris challenge, it has been a privilege and a honor to be a part of this phenomenal and impactful
ministry. How many seeds have been planted, how many people have been put on a right path from darkness to light, how many hearts have
been touched? We will never know in this life time. Only on the other side, will we be privileged to know such things. However, what I do
know, is each show has been a result of meticulous planning and an almost obsessive desire to introduce TRUTH, GOD'S(YAHWEH'S) TRUTH, to
a world so much in need of direction and light! Wyleaner, all of the effort and all of the sacrifices behind the scenes have paid off. and there
are an untold number of people who are the better off because of them! I salute you and your loving husband Charles!
May our LORD bless you as you continue to advance HIS KINGDOM!"

Minister David Muldrow (Las Vegas, Nevada)
"Hello Ms Wyleaner , hope you and your family are well. My thoughts about your show is that you work diligently on the different
topics of ones worldview of their religion. Some discussions are there to shed light on the foundational history of where, when,
and why their faith exists. That is what I've experienced thus far. I pray that GOD will lead you into the place He wants for both
you and your husband.
GOD bless, much love to you. Be Well."

Minister Sonya Jordan (Las Vegas, Nevada)
"The Wyleaner Show was very inspirational and very insightful and it continually challenges the Body of Christ and the
religious arena to define their foundational tenets and to clarify the meanings and labels that are used so frequently, use
without investigating the and refining the true meaning of what they believe, I certainly enjoyed being on the Wyleaner
Show, and still listens to the show at every opportunity I think it's very thought provoking and it make us more familiar and
tolerant of other beliefs, even though we have to agree to disagree at times, God Bless you Queen continue to do the
work until you hear, servant of God well done you've been faithful over a few things I'll make you ruler over many things!"

Pastor Samuel Carroll (Las Vegas, Nevada)
"Hi Wyleaner,
It was an incredible experience to be on your show One of favorite things in life is to discuss spiritual things and to allow truth to surface.
Thankyou for the fair and unbiased opportunity to discuss the important issues we face today. Thankyou also for the uplifting and vibrant
way you relate to people

Michelle Hutchinson (Las Vegas, Nevada)
It has indeed been an honor and pleasure to be a guest on the Wyleaner show. I am always grateful for any chance to share my
insights on a relationship with God. Wyleaner give a platform in which what ever your beliefs are you can share them in a respectful
environment. Because God has given us the freedom of choice, we as human being will not always be in agreement with each other.
The beauty of Wyleaner's show is you can gather information from many different perspectives. Thank you once again Wyleaner for
the opportunity to share.

Elder Coylette James
Coylette James Ministries, (Atlanta Georgia)
The biggest difference between Wyleaner’s show and most others is a philosophy she shares at the end of every episode.
She encourages people to figure it out for themselves, to read, to study, to not just take her word or the word of her guests as truth.
This is unique, especially amongst religious shows. It speaks to her honesty and agenda to spread information without controlling her
listeners and viewers. That’s impressive.

Jefferson M. – Singer/Songwriter (Las Vegas, Nevada)
There is always music at:

Hi Wyleaner,

I am in deep appreciation for your open minded format, especially since my approach is so outside your particular box.
Your questions presented a creative challenge to me that I especially enjoyed.
This was doubly true with the Don C. Harris debate challenge where I was especially put on the spot by Mr. Harris.
I found it interesting that at the end we discovered we were essentially in agreement with the substance of our differing approaches.
Thank you for having me on your show. I would be glad to come back anytime you ask.
Best Regards,

James Westly, MC, LPC
To the Wyleaner Show, I had a very good time. It is very important in these last days and times to air
such a show to this world to give the information on biblical instruction how we as man-kind should
live and how to serve GOD, the creator of us all. That is the reason why it is important for us to discuss
the different religion or religious matters. and to come to an understanding how we should learn to
come together as one, serving one GOD, because Jesus Christ is coming back soon for a church and
one people, and that is the reason why we should be as one. The Bible says in (2Timothy Chapter 2:15)
to study to show yourself approved unto GOD, a workman need not to be ashamed, but rightously
dividing the word of truth.

Bishop T. Lester (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Wyleaner is a real professional-interesting, kind, and terrific at mediating her panel of guests. Love her format as
both a guest and listener. One of the most worthwhile radio shows out there!

Dina Rae, author (Dallas Texas)
The Wyleaner Show is an amazing platform to learn about religion and how it impacts our society. The show is intriguing, and exciting, offering a fresh twist on
understanding beliefs. It's truly the real deal.

-Samantha Vance - (Tallahassee Florida)
Oh my God!!! Where do I start? I have conducted 100's of interviews throughout the years and by far the
Wyleaner Show was the greatest experience of all time. I thank God for this great opportunity. Mrs. Wyleaner
serves as a professional, gracious, and humorous hostess. I enjoyed every segment. The Rubber Met the
Road and I believe people are truly inspired and educated through this awesome show.

Damon "DaRil" Nailer- (Monroe, LA)
Thank you. It was my pleasure and I appreciated the opportunity you afforded me.
God bless for a wonderful Christmas to both of you.

Alex Clair (Tennesee)
Dear Wyleaner Show,
I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity to be on your show. I am truly honored and humbled to
be selected as a guest on the Show. Later in May 2013 and again in May 2014, I was invited to the Wyleaner
Show on the set in Las Vegas but I was in transition and I was unable to be a live guest..But the opportunity
presented itself on November 30, 2015. I was asked once again to be on the show to speak on the pagan
connection with Christmas. I am grateful and I thank the Wyleaner Show and the staff for their persistence.

Renaldo Wade (Cleveland Ohio)

I really enjoyed being a guest on the Wyleaner Show and look I forward to returning if possible. The hosts asked insightful questions that
aimed to obtain an understanding of the subject in question while remaining both unbiased and informative. The show endeavors to
educate and inform the public about religious groups of all persuasions, of their beliefs and practices. The conversations get deep and
meet the show's motto of "the rubber meeting the road." The hosts are also a pleasure to work with being both organized and punctual.
Again this was a great and informative experience.

Isaac Carmignani
Parent of Raven, Emily, Christopher and Juliana.
Mayoral Appointee, Panel For Educational Policy
(Long Island New York)
Grace to you, from the Lord Jesus Christ.
I thoroughly enjoyed our visit together. "As iron sharpens iron, so does a man his friends." Continue to do the work
that God has called and equipped you to do, to the praise of His glorious grace!

Pastor Delwyn X. Campbell (Perris California)

All tesimonials are listed here from oldest to newest, so if you just submitted a testimonial please scroll down to the
bottom of the page.

The Wyleaner TV Show offers a great opportunity to share what one knows or believes, and it's done in a pleasant,
not argumentative way so that people can hear and decide for themselves whether they find that basis of belief
well-supported or not. I would recommend the Wyleaner show to anyone who desires to share widely what they
I just saw this article and thought of you and your Muslim audience.

Richard Ruhling
What an electric and captivating personality Ms. Wyleaner has as she makes her guests really think about their
convictions in light of the opinions of other guests and live callers. She truly makes God's work fun as all
involved open their minds, think critically, and laugh out loud. One day we will look more to our hearts than our
sacred books for Truth thanks to shows like "The Wyleaner Show". God bless.

-K. Scott, Author/Speaker @ (Long Island N.Y.)

Thank you Wyleaner for having me on your program these past two weeks. I truly did enjoy myself.
I found your questions to be pertinent, pointed and fair. I loved the interaction between you and
your call in guests as well as between Don Harris and myself also. I have to subscribe to your
program now just to “see what will happen next!” Now, I know why you say, “The rubber meets the
road!” I look forward to being asked back again sometime. Blessings! Pastor Bob Thibodeau
Robert Thibodeau
Evangeslim Radio, Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast A PO Box 4936, Baltimore, MD 21220 E Skype Freedom Through Faith Radio Network - Evangelism Radio

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help keep this show on the air!
Thank You.

“Being a guest on the Wyleaner Show about the topic of Drepression was nothing short of
an amazing opportunity! I had the chance to get to know more about the show, it’s guests
and listeners. It’s my prayers that what God gave me to contribute to the discussion
helped at least one! If that is the case, then mission accomplished! Continued success
and many blessings to the Wyleaner Show now and forever more!”

Chanel Walker-Bailey
Founder of RealBoldTruth Ministries L.L.C.
I Andrew J. Schatkin have been a guest 3 times on the wyleaner tv show and I must say I found the
show interesting, engaging and I was given the unique chance and opportunity to express my religious
beliefs and views fully and without criticism. The show was in the format of a debate and I found the
entire time enjoyable and stimulating. I recommend if you have the time and more to the point make the
time to watch this show and be informed and have your thoughts and mind expanded. Andrew Schatkin

Andrew J. Schatkin, Educational and Business Consultant, Writer, Speaker, and Teacher
Every time that I am on the Wyleaner show, I am impressed by the quality of the guests, the timeliness of
the conversation topic, and the professionalism of Ms. Wyleaner and her producer and staff. It's an honor
to be invited onto the show and I am flattered by each invitation. Thank you to Ms. Wyleaner and her team
and her guests for the brilliant opportunity for stimulating conversation and for letting this atheist create a
Lion's Den atmosphere where together we can make the rubber meet the road!

--Joe Rawlins, Atheist, author of The Korihor Argument; A Missionary's Journey Out of Mormonism
I really enjoyed my time on the show. Thank you for the opportunity to present my side of the
argument. I appreciate what you do, keep up the good work.

-Michael Wiseman "The Bible Says What!?" the podcast
Hi, Wyleaner, may your show have continued success and God’s blessing. Thanks for inviting me
as a guest on your “Prayer in Schools” show. After watching the US Senate confirmation hearing
of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for supreme court justice this week I’m convinced unrestricted
Christian public prayer was a founding premise when the US Constitution and Bill of Rights were
written. Please invite me back.

William A. (Bill) Cummins the Humble Cowboy
Award-Winning Author >
The WYLEANER show is by far one of the greatest! The choice of REAL topics on this show definitely "Makes The Rubber
Meet The Road"...Not only will you be educated or enlightened but, you will have more than enough information to make
whatever religious choice suitable for you. Queen, I thank you for providing a professional platform to discuss such a
controversial but very relevant topic: Should Women Be Pastors and Preachers? As my answer remains YES, I will continue to
preach and teach the unadulterated TRUTH to all that has an ear to hear. God Bless You WOG, and I greatly appreciate the
opportunity to have been apart of the WYLEANER show.

Pastor/Prophetess Asia D. Turner C.Ed.M. (North Las Vegas)
I love being interviewed on The Wyleaner Show and I love listening to and watching Wyleaner's show. Wyleaner is a
wonderful, open-minded and enthusiastic host with listeners from all across Earth. She lets her guests give their honest
opinion and she has knowledgeable listeners who call in with great comments and questions. I always look forward to The
Wyleaner Show. Click-Like-Share The Wyleaner Show. Check out my interviews on her show and spread the word. Cheers.
:Ronald-Russell :Farnham, SAG-AFTRA, Author, Producer, Director

Ronald-Russell of the family Mass-Lavori INTERVIEW ON PROJECT CAMELOT
Authorized Representative of : RONALD-RUSSELL : FARNHAM
cell 321-614-8612 GoogleVoice 310-694-0712
I thank you Wyleaner for inviting me to be a quest on your show, it has been a while since we were
quest on your show, mend my husband but this time I had the spot light, and it was a very good
experience and I hope to do it again and you are very good at what you do. God bless you to have many
more informative shows.

Evangelist Prisca Sutton
Beth Menorah Ministries
Dear Wyleaner: Shalom, and may the blessings of Yah be upon you always, coming from Rabbi Kent Sutton, thank you for
having me as a quest on your show,
it has been a long while since I've been a quest on your show, I had a very good experiance and I am looking forward to
speaking as a quest again soon. Thank
you again, and see you on the show.

Thank You, Rabbi Kent Sutton
Of Beth Menorah Out Reach Center
Twenty Nine Palms Ca.
This is my Testimonial
Today was my first time appearing on the Wyleaner TV Show. I must say it was one of the best
experiences that I have ever had. I love when I have the opportunity to contribute information and at the
same time learn from others. This show gives me the opportunity for both. It was exciting because I never
knew what I was going to be asked next or what was going to happen next. I really enjoyed the experience
and I wish Ms.Wyleaner the best as she moves forward in life and with her show. Thank You

Pastor Vicki L. Webb
Jersey City Church of the Nazarene Jersey City, NJ 07305